A Reliable 2024 Forecast

While the brain is predominantly composed of gray matter, it abhors ambiguity. Few arenas exhibit as many gray areas (uncertainties) as the global economies and markets. It’s crucial to exercise caution, as our innate yearning for certainty makes us susceptible to the illusion of predictability. Market and economic forecasts often offer a deceptive sense of assurance.

Despite our desires, markets are inherently unpredictable, evident in the inability of anyone to consistently forecast them accurately. Although an occasional forecast may prove correct, akin to a broken clock, relying on market and economic predictions is unreliable. In contrast, my forecast remains reliable and robust, grounded in enduring investment principles and investor behavior.

My 2024 Forecast:

In full transparency, this forecast closely mirrors my predictions from the previous year and years prior:

  • The economy/market will unveil unexpected developments that surprise both us and the experts.
  • Financial media will capitalize on sensationalizing headlines and short-term market fluctuations to attract attention, serving as nothing more than clickbait.
  • Investors who closely follow news and stock market activities will experience heightened stress compared to those who abstain.
  • Those who shift to cash, anticipating a “better time,” will grapple with significant uncertainty and anxiety about re-entry.
  • Your investment decisions and responses to market events will significantly influence your personal investment returns.
  • The temptation to alter your investment strategy based on market performance, expert forecasts, or personal beliefs about the future will arise.

Developing virtues such as conviction, patience, and discipline is crucial for every investor, though admittedly challenging. As your advisor, one of my primary roles is assisting you in tuning out the noise and concentrating on factors truly consequential to your financial success.

Wishing you a prosperous, fulfilling, and joyous 2024. I appreciate the trust you place in me as your steadfast partner on this journey.

Investment advice offered through OneAscent Financial Services, LLC, d/b/a Provident Oak Financial, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration as an investment adviser does not imply any certain degree of skill or training.