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As a client of Provident Oak Financial, you can rest assured that we will communicate with your CPA, Estate Planning Attorney and any other Financial Advisors you may have. Most importantly, we will communicate with you, the decision maker, in seeking to keep everyone on the same page and working on your plan. Families like yours, can feel more confident because they work with us.

1. Discovery and Organization

Our conversations will be centered around helping us to understand not only your financial situation but also your story.

We’ll help you to get organized. Gathering all documentation, and information needed for your family’s plan.

2. Review and Discussion

It’s important that we fully understand you. Not just your financial situation but also your thoughts and experiences. Remember this is about you and your family.

3. Plan Construction

We’ll take the info you’ve provided and construct a realistic plan customized to your needs and wants.

4. Delivery and Recommendation

We’ll meet to review the plan that has been constructed. If there are multiple options available, we’ll recommend a specific plan scenario.

5. Annual Plan Review

Your plan is a living breathing document. You plan should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is still appropriate for your family and your current financial situation.

We’ll meet at the beginning of each year to review the plan and make any adjustments that are needed.