Charitable Giving

Different people have different reasons for giving their money to charities. Some want to help those who are in a tough spot, while others just want to share their blessings. Many organizations that focus on things like art, science, and education are able to do great things because of the kindness of people who want to give back to their community or make a positive impact.

At Provident Oak Financial, we know that the rules about taxes also encourage people to give money to charities. When you give money, you might get a break on your taxes, which means you might have to pay less money to the government. If you have a lot of money and things to pass down to your family after you’re gone, giving some of it to charity might also help lower the amount of money that gets taxed.

Some people even put in their wills that they want to give money to charities when they’re not around anymore. Planning to give money to charities can be a bit tricky when it comes to taxes, so it’s a good idea to talk to a CPA and people who know about taxes and estate planning.

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