Picking where to put your money involves choosing different types of things to invest in that match how you want to use your money and how much risk you’re okay with. This plan is made considering that different things you invest in go through good and bad times at different times. By investing in a variety of things, the goal is to make your investments steadier and less likely to drop a lot if one thing goes wrong.

All investments have some risk, like how the market changes, how much money you can make compared to how much things cost, how prices go up over time, how easy it is to get your money back when you need it, and how much you have to pay in taxes. A special plan for where to put your money tries to make the dangers of each investment type less risky by spreading your money around.

Personalized Plan

When it’s done well, where you put your money fits your goals, what you care about, how you like to invest, and how much risk you’re okay with. The plan is made just for you, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your plan is based on looking at important things about your money:

Goals: What you want to do with your invested money, like making life better now, growing your money, or saving up for important things like education.

Risk Comfort: How okay you are with your investments going up and down in value, while also thinking about how prices go up over time.

Values and Beliefs: Do you want your investments to match your beliefs? You can invest in things that matter to you, like things that are good for society or the environment. Did you know you don’t have to compromise performance to do this? You can get started today with our simple questionnaire.

Time: How long do you plan to wait to reach your goals?

Taxes: Different types of investments have different tax rules.

A Changing Plan

A strong plan for where to put your money needs to be checked sometimes.

In the world of money, things change a lot, and so does your money situation. When the market goes up and down, your plan might not be balanced anymore, so you might need to change where your money is. As you go through life, what you want, how you like to invest, what you care about, and how much risk you’re okay with might change. This means you might need to change your plan.

Remember, asset allocation, which is a fancy way of saying where you put your money, is different from diversification, which means spreading your money around to lower risk.

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