The Problem with Abundance

Asset Allocation is a term that many of us have heard quite often, even more so if you work with a Financial Advisor. This is how we divide up our assets between stocks, bonds, cash, etc. But have we ever thought about how we divide up our attention or what could be called Attention Allocation?

The Problem with Abundance

The problem with abundance is that there’s a trade-off between quantity and quality. In many cases, the greater the quantity you have of something (a good or resource), the lower the quality is.

As investors, there is no shortage of quantity when it comes to market commentary, predictions, and data, many of which conflict with one another. Often, we are left to wonder which outlook will turn out to be true.

Constantly fluctuating stock prices also provide an abundance of fleeting data. This can cause us to go from positive from bullish one day to negative and bearish the next.

With this abundance of ever-changing and conflicting information, it’s no surprise that many investors can be left feeling confused and worried. How do we know what information to pay attention to an what to ignore?

Attention Allocation

Many investors focus on the ups and downs of the market, the news headline of the day, and talking heads’ latest market predictions. Unfortunately, none of these things are things we can control or predict.

What we feel is a better idea is to focus on the plan, stay disciplined, and spend time enjoying the things to matter most to you in life. There are things that are in our control.

This is why Provident Oak Financial exists. We are here to help you through the ups and downs. To help you make wise decisions during times of uncertainty and to help you stay focused on the most important things in your life.

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